Magick Is Purple

We've experimented with bacteria and wild yeast since the early days, but it wasn't until we opened our second brewery two years ago that we were able to begin the kind of wild program we wanted for Half Acre.

The second facility allowed us to decrease brewing at our original brewery and transform the room that used to house our canning line into the Wyld Cove, an isolated area with temperature control, dedicated equipment and time spent.

The aim for this program is to be very selective and work without the functional constraints placed on the rest of our brewing volume - to methodically allow creative themes to naturally develop over time.

On April 28th, the first beer from this program will be available in our shop and tap room.

Magick is Purple was initially brewed into stainless steel in February of 2016. It was then passed into oak red wine barrels and inoculated with a blend of wild yeasts and bacteria. In November of that year, selected barrels were blended to balance overall acidity and yeast character. In February of 2017 it was bottled for a final conditioning process.
It's copper in color and carries notes of bread, hay, berry and cherry.

About a quarter of the bottles being released have labels that were hand painted by Gabriel, one of Half Acre's co-creators. You can expect the first 500+ bottles to be treated this way.  

These beers represent an additional space for the creative minds in our brewery. Allowing us to continually engage the process of making beer.


  • release date: 4/28 at 11am
  • $18.99 / 750ml bottle 
  • limit 6 per person 
  • available at the brewery only

Wisconsin Launch Events

Wisconsin ~ we're here to party. 

Head to any one (or all) of the following joints to get acquainted with Half Acre Beer in a new place. 

January 31st

- Uncle Mike's in Kenosha / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Deep Space Double IPA 

- Champp's in Brookfield / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Navaja DIPA, Benthic Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout with Coconut and Coffee, Pony Pilsner, Deep Space DIPA 

- Jordan's Big Ten in Madison / featuring Daisy Cutter, Deep Space DIPA, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Pony Pilsner 

February 1st

- Brass Tap in Greenfield / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway DIPA, Deep Space DIPA, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout 

- The Palm Tavern in Milwaukee / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Orin Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Ale, Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout 

- Sugar Maple in Milwaukee / Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Gin Barrel Aged Pony Pilsner, Navaja DIPA, Benthic Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout with Coffee and Coconut, Pony Pilsner, Deep Space DIPA 

- Glass Nickel in Madison East / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Navaja DIPA, Pony Pilsner 

- 8th Street Ale House in Sheboygan / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Orin Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Ale, Deep Space DIPA, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Pony Pilsner 

February 2nd 

- ABV Social in Wauwatosa / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout, Deep Space DIPA, Pony Pilsner 

- The Coopers Tavern in Madison / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Vanilla Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout, Gin Barrel Aged Pony Pilsner, Pony Pilsner 

- Mr. Brews Taphouse in Appleton / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Navaja DIPA, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout 

- Brickhouse Craft Burgers and Brews in De Pere / featuring Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, GoneAway IPA, Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout, Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout, Salted Espresso Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout, Deep Space DIPA 

Shrub Tundra

The role of coffee throughout our brewery is rivaled only by our dedication to the creation of technically raw and ripping beers. In Shrub Tundra, we celebrate the compatibility of these two life bloods. 

An English brown ale base beer, touched by the creative influence of Dark Matter. 
This year the final beverage is 3.5% coffee, extracted from Faro and Sarchimor, both grown at Finca San Jeronimo Miramar in Guatemala. 
You can read about the farm here, on Dark Matter's blog

Shrub Tundra comes out this Friday. Come drink it and give thanks to the elements in this life that elevate and deflate, as needed. 


  • release date: 2/3/17 
  • 6.3% ABV 
  • 22oz bomber: $8.99
  • 32oz howler refill: $9
  • 64oz growler refill: $17
  • 16oz pour: $7

Domestic Buckets

Domestic Buckets, a 6% abv Buckwheat Bock, was brewed with our good friend Davin and his brother Kellan, co-hosts of Memphis' Wise Acre Brewing. While no popcorn was stuffed in the mash, we finally downshifted into decoction mode on our German engineered brewhouse on Balmoral, for that authentic full flavored taste. A sturdy A-Frame of traditional German malts, combined with toasted buckwheat berries and bags of German noble hops, make this table bock ideal for any iced down happy hour session. It will probably sneak into an import bucket deal or two at the bar with beach volleyball courts too, it's that good. 


  • release date: 1/27

  • 22oz bomber: $8.99

  • 32oz howler refill: $9

  • 64oz growler refill: $17 

  • 16oz pour: $7

Hello Wisconsin.


In a few weeks, a truck of Half Acre beer will cross the border into Wisconsin, beginning a new era of consistent but limited distribution. You'll be able to find it in the following counties: 

  • Kenosha
  • Racine
  • Walworth
  • Waukesha
  • Milwaukee
  • Ozaukee
  • Washington
  • Dodge
  • Green Lake
  • Fond Du Lac
  • Sheboygan
  • Manitowoc
  • Calumet
  • Winnebago
  • Outagamie
  • Brown
  • Shawano
  • Oconto
  • Marinette
  • Door
  • Grant
  • Lafayette
  • Green
  • Rock
  • Jefferson
  • Dane
  • Iowa
  • Richland
  • Sauk
  • Adams
  • Columbia
  • Kewaunee

We've had a handful of opportunities to hoist our beer in our neighbor state and it's always felt like a good place for it. We're stoked to offer our lineup to additional ease seekers. We're going to do some events, we'll announce when they're set. 





Chocolate Camaro

The calendar flips and Chocolate Camaro Chocolate Milk Stout rolls in.

The city's been on ice for a while now and the urge to chip off increases. Chocolate Camaro is an easy warmer ~ dark strength packed with co-co cream qualities.

The Ecuadorian and Dominican nibs that give this beer its power were roasted by Ethereal Confections in Woodstock, IL. 

Crank the heat and climb in back.


  • release date: 1/13
  • 22oz bottle: $8.99
  • 32oz howler refill: $10
  • 64oz growler refill:  $18 

Cliffs of Tephra


Before 2016 is finally called off, we wanted to get in one final release.

We’ve been committed to canning beer for some time now.  We’ve also been committed to 22oz bombers for most of our special release offerings. We first labeled blank cans in 2010, but moved back to 22’s because we’re stubborn humans.  Since then, our filler has only gotten more ancient and the national landscape has shifted to usher traditional bomber practices into the land of Valhalla.  We’ve decided to turn to the sun and again begin to use our canning line for certain special release beers.  Giant liquids and mixed ferm beers will still hit large format glass.  Sub 10% abv rippers that typically lean toward hops will get packed in cans.  You’ll see some in full print wonder and some labeled.  All will course through the hands of our technically savage packaging squad in the canning sanctuary.  

The first of this kind will be Cliffs Of Tephra, an IPA pulling inspiration from the volcanic episodes around the world.  It's being released next Friday, December 16th, more info to come.


  • release: 12/16 at 11am 
  • no distribution 
  • 4pk of 16oz cans: $15.99 (limit 6 per person) 
  • 16oz pour: $8 


On Friday we release Benthic, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout brewed with coffee and toasted coconut. A remedy coaxed from the deepest caverns; it's char bound in the systematic sweetness and density only found in the colossal beers of our time.  Expect cohesive flavors & aromas of cherry, brittle, maple, coconut, coffee, brown sugar, burnt chocolate and caramelized sugar. 


  • release date: 11/18 at 11am
  • 22oz bomber: $24.99 (limit 2 per person) 
  • no growler/howler fills 

Double Daisy Cutter

Double Daisy Cutter swings in for its quarterly moment in the light. This is the only beer that we brew on this schedule.  All our other beers have annual, seasonal, single or random jaunts through the brewhouse.  This quarterly tick serves as a metronome in our brewery. Double Daisy is the imperialized sibling of our perennial pale ale that’s erected from eight thousand seven hundred twenty eight pounds of malted barley, milled and reborn as hot sugar water, dosed with one hundred and eighty five pounds of hops in the kettle, moved to cellar, topped with two hundred and ninety six pounds of hops in the fermentor and inundated with carbon dioxide.

Dank and layered with tropics and pine, Double Daisy rips.

Don't forget to vote, this one's no joke. 


  • release date: 11/4
  • 22oz bomber: $9.99 (limit 6 per person) 
  • 32oz howler refill: $11 (limit 64oz per person) 
  • 64oz growler refill: $20 (limit 64oz per person) 
  • 16oz pour: $7




Orin bottles will be released this Friday, October 21st.  

Orin was brewed to pound on the ceiling of lush character and opulence. Its recipe was an opportunity to introduce the richest raw materials without the confusion of elements you’d find in black beers of similar scale. The grist bill leans exclusively on fermentables that create soft, decadent flavors and a comprehensive mouth feel. 
An original gravity of 25º Plato begins its cellar course to a terminal 7º Plato.  Its total size and depth is amplified by 9 months in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels. The sum is a 13.7% molasses colored ale that’s gigantic in impact and experience.

Amplified, big and full of weight — you should let this beer take you down for a while, its a killer.


  • release date: 10/21 at 11am
  • 22oz bomber: $19.99 (limit 2 per person) 
  • no growler/howler fills

Barrel Aged Bombers

Since the early days of Half Acre we’ve been resting beer in wood, but it’s only since building our second brewery on Balmoral that we've been dedicating space and time to the development of a program that truly expands the approach and intention of our brewery. 

The focus of our barrel aging cellar is to create distinct releases that will vary in quantity and creative slant, broaden the range and depth of our in-house offering and bring new tools into an ever evolving relationship with materials that impact our beer .

We’ll be releasing two beers in the coming weeks, Benthic Imperial Coconut Coffee Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels and Orin, a decadent ale also aged in Bourbon Barrels. Both releases will be packaged in waxed 22oz bombers and limited in overall quantity.  Both of these beers have been touched by the keepers of yeast and time, emboldened by spirit makers and rounded to be formidable potions we’re pleased to share.


  • Orin / Friday, October 21st 
  • Benthic / TBA 

Sticky Fat

On Friday, we turn the dial to Sticky Fat, our annual wet hopped dark ale. 

Just as in years' past, the hands and machines at Hop Head farms picked 450lbs of Chinook one morning, trucked them into Chicago and by early afternoon they were in our brewhouse. This year, we decided to dry hop Sticky Fat with additional Chinook poundage in order to further emphasize the beer's connectedness to the green gold that makes things tick. The result is upfront in cedar and citrus, with smoothing chocolate covered caramel and overall piney spice. Drink it and be grateful for all the men and women who have their hands on the bines long before beer hits your glass.  

Sticky Fat is the chant of the bear.  The bear’s lore has been recounted before. As in all places where acreage is king, the quiet creates voices. If you haven’t gotten off the pavement in a while, wander out past the lights and listen for yourself. Bring bombers of the Fat if you want to hear them more clearly.  To Darkness~


  • release date: 10/7 at 11am
  • 22oz bomber: $8.99
  • 64oz growler refill: $19 
  • 32oz howler refill: $10 
  • 16oz pour: $7 

Chub Step Porter

Now the sun sets earlier and sleeves and hats creep back onto our bodies. The cycle is unchanging. Like leaving your dog to go to work every day just to be greeted when you get home like they weren't sure you'd ever return. 

Our annual releases function in much the same way. They follow the calendar and the seasons, arriving with anticipation each time. Chub Step Porter seems to carry this comfort most concretely. Maybe it's because there's something just right about an english porter to set you towards autumn or maybe it's because dogs and loyalty are just about synonymous - but the silky roast and balanced sweetness of this beer pats us in all the right places. 

Chub Step Porter comes out a week from Friday. Take it in alongside the appreciation of the elements in life that are set to cruise whether or not anyone is watching the track. 


  • release date: 9/30 at 11am
  • 6% ABV
  • 22oz bomber: $6.99
  • 64oz growler refill: $15
  • 32oz howler refill: $8 
  • 16oz pour: $6 


Tasty Waves

We brew boat loads of pale ales, they’re the core of our volume.  You knew that.  Why have three different ones at any given time? Because they’re delicious.  As brewers and people that deeply appreciate the role of beer, we can, should and do complicate that, but let’s not forget to check our cerebral baggage at the gate and simply take in volumes of easily translatable enjoyment.  Take moments to dissect, go on safari and mount the exotic, push for flavors only accessible through time and esoteric process, but remember to take off your bush coat, put down your spyglass and suck down pale ales simply because they’re fucking delicious.

This Pale Ale, Tasty Waves, gathers its tour de force via simple base malts, an easy dose of Rye and Munich, then charges of Columbus, Amarillo and some of the modern lusts, Galaxy & Citra.  All said, everyday pleasure fit for kings. 


  • release: 9/2 
  • 22oz bomber: $6.99
  • 32 oz howler refill: $8
  • 64oz growler refill: $15
  • 16oz pour: $6


Lager Town

As the days begin to recoil and the sun turns us away, we offer you this seasonal splice: Lager Town Octoberfest.

We pass Lager Town through the innards of our brewery because of its time honored place in the culture of the everyman odyssey. A 6% herald of cool weather, Lager Town is touched with rye spice and holds firm to its roots with the strict use of noble hop varieties. Satin and depth arm in arm in amber glory. Poured in liters, Lager Town thumps the ancient tradition of communing in groups under the fuzz of autumn beers. 


  • release date: 9/1
  • 22oz bomber: $6.99
  • 64oz growler refill: $15
  • 32oz howler refill: $8
  • 16oz pour: $6


We met Ed a while ago.  We quickly appreciated his intensity and willingness to dive into everything.

Lumpen, for us, has purity in its intent. It exists to communicate things that they feel should be discussed ~ whether they be political, cultural, artistic, or just plain strange.  A 25 year mission that would’ve ended if not for a basic connection with the process and goal.  

Brewing a beer with Ed for the 20th was a treat, now he has a brewery, too, so here comes the collab in celebration of putting out weird things for people to consume.


A.J. Liebling once said: that the ‘freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.’ So it’s a good thing we do.
- Ed Marszewski, Publisher of Lumpen Magazine

Lumpen is a long running magazine that chronicles the countercultures. The scathing and hilarious arts culture and politics magazine has been recognized and celebrated for its editorial that is poignant and thought-provoking to marginalized and irreverent.

For 25 years Lumpen has been a champion of independent culture showcasing the literary and visual arts, culinary culture, innovative music, start up businesses, progressive politics and irreverent humor. We started with Lumpen magazine, branched out to the web, started more publications, events, festivals and now, an FM radio station for the City of Chicago on the dial at 105.5fm

To celebrate and mark the 25th anniversary of Lumpen Magazine, fellow arts and culture supporters Gabriel Magliaro and Matt Gallagher, of Half Acre Beer collaborated with Lead Brewer Tim Lange and Lumpen publisher, Ed Marszewski of Marz Community Brewing, to brew an Imperial Red Lager, with an ABV of 7.5%.

This is the second time Half Acre has made a commemorative beer for Lumpen . On it’s 20th anniversary in 2011, Half Acre brewed the Imperial Red Ale called The Chairman and that experience probably foolishly inspired the Lumpens to get into brewing.

In poking fun at the left wing publication, Magliaro suggested that. “It could be fun to bend the name of the beer around the idea of a giant, all encompassing organization that aims to pull the life from anything pure and successful.” and suggested the name of the beer Omnolith. It was unanimously endorsed by all.

To bring the collaboration to another level the design of the label was worked on by both breweries’ lead designers.

Phineas Jones, from Half Acre worked with Marz Community Brewing’s Creative Director, Michael Freimuth, to capture the spirit of Lumpen’s Omnolithic irreverence by using inspiration from the architecture of Brutalist east european monuments. By examining the shapes and geometry of those 60’s era structures the two were able to design a simple minimalist icon to adorn the label.

On Friday, August 12, Omnolith will be released at Half Acre Beer Company's Lincoln facility at 11 am. Lumpen Magazine will be giving away various back issues of the publications at the bottle release event.

That night Lumpen will take over Maria’s Package Goods and Community Bar (960 W 31st St) for the south-side bottle release and celebration.

Starting at 5pm , attendees can either get a bottle to go or enjoy a draft pour in the bar. Kimski will be creating a special to pair with the beer and more back issues of the Lumpen magazine will be given away.


adjective lum·pen \ˈlu̇m-pən

Definition of lumpen:
of or relating to dispossessed and uprooted individuals cut off from the economic and social class with which they might normally be identified

Lumpens: a member of the crude and uneducated lowest class of society

Description of Lumpen from the Chicago Reader:

First published in 1991, Lumpen stays on top of the liberal underground with quality articles, reviews, interviews, and essays about art, politics, and everything we should be pissed off about, such as privatization, militarism, and corporate power. Even better, the publication goes beyond bitching about everything wrong in the world and actually offers resources for social activism and community transformation. Issues are published irregularly, and the website is a fascinating mess, but that just puts Lumpen squarely in the long tradition of the underground media.


  • Release Date: 8/12/16 at 11am
  • 7.5% ABV 
  • 22oz bomber: $8.99
  • 32oz howler refill: $9
  • 64oz growler refill: $17
  • 16oz pour: $7

The Big North - SOLD OUT

On August 20th, we're hosting The Big North, the first real kicker at our production facility. 

If you're joining us and have questions, check out the FAQ

As part of the celebration, we're partnering with the Chicago Rowing Foundation.

Chicago Rowing Foundation is home to a nationally ranked high school program, a growing middle school program, a recreational program for adults, a nationally ranked adult Masters competitive team and they also provide low-cost community programs to broaden access. Through introductory programs, CRF offers new rowers the tools to live a healthier life, and the chance to gain confidence through strength and focus.  You can learn more about them by visiting



-Musical Guests: Twin Peaks + more TBA
-Cold Ones
-Wyld Beers
-One Offs
-Hoss Brews
-Beer Garden
-And more

21+. Valid ID required at door.
Event will be held rain or shine. Hot or cold. 
Use of public transportation highly encouraged. 
Free bike parking available on-site and free car parking available in Tempel Steel parking lot (just east of the event). Parking is first come, first serve.



1. Daisy Cutter - Pale Ale

2. Pony - Pilsner

3. Vallejo- IPA

4. Space- IPA

5. Akari Shogun - USA Wheat

6. Mythic- Wild Ale fermented in wine barrels

7. The Big North - Lacto pulsed Peach Pale Ale

8. Benthic - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

9. Benthic - with coconut + coffee added

10. Benthic - with cacao, vanilla bean + smoked paprika

11. Plura - Brettanomyces Saison

12. Tahitian Vanilla Big Hugs -Imperial Coffee Stout

13. Gin Barrel AgedPony Pilsner

14. Deep Space - IIPA

15. Juice Man- Killer IPA

16. Rainbow Never Ends - IIPA w/ Other Half Brewing

17. Smoked Wyld Agave Heart Daisy Cutter - Psychedelic Pale Ale

18. Vigoda - Saison with Brett Brux

19. Vigoda - Saison with Brett Claussenii

20. Vigoda - Saison with Brett Brux, Amarillo + Simcoe

21. Vigoda - Saison with Brett Brux + blueberries

22. Orin - Barrel Aged Imperial Brown Ale

23. Orin - Barrel Aged Imperial Brown Ale with maple syrup

24. Akari Mist - Lemon & Lime USA Wheat

25. Navaja - IIPA

27. Western Automatic - Experimental Hop Pale Ale

28. Vexor - Heffe

29. Omnolith - Red Lager w/ März Brewing

30. Get Right - Kölsch

31. White Noise - Mild

32. Summer Rules - Pale Ale

33. Tuna - Pale Ale

34. Felis Paradox - Session Dark

Daisy Cutter Cans

Before the month of July comes to an end, you'll notice a new Daisy Cutter can on your local shelf.  It's a stab toward its original design with a tightening of its imagery and greater emphasis placed on the essential elements.

The biggest difference is the addition of the words Balmoral and Lincoln around the neck, a nod to what this beer and its fans have allowed us to accomplish. We operate two breweries, employ over 70 people and get to drink our beer with more people than ever before. In a lot of ways, Daisy Cutter held the key to all of that, and it feels good to give its vessel a scrub. 

Rainbow Never Ends

A few months back, Half Acre started distributing small amounts of beer to New York City. Our owners are easterners so they wanted to head in and spend time. 

As you know, Other Half and Half Acre share a mutual affinity for brewing hoppy beers in urban megaplexes, so we decided to host them in Chicago and conjure liquids. 

Rainbow Never Ends is a frankenstein of empiricism. A permablaze of tropical dankness, this 8.5% double IPA has it all: Idaho 7, Equinox, Citra, oats, toasted rice flakes, rice syrup solids, and a blend of American ale and German kölsch yeast. Please exhale through dryer sheets with this one, we’re not responsible for crooked looks from your neighbors.


  • Chicago release: 7/15 at 11am
  • 22oz bomber: $9.99
  • 64oz growler refill: $20
  • 32oz howler refill: $11
  • 16oz pour: $7


New York City RELEASE events

  • 7/20 at As Is ~ Rainbow Never Ends + 6 Half Acre beers + 6 Other Half beers. 6pm.
  • 7/21 at Goldstar ~ 7pm.


Freedom of '78

There's a home in Logan Square that has housed Half Acrens for the last 8 years. Our owner and his wife lived there first, then our head brewer and the woman who would become his wife, then another brewer and his wife and now a couple that met at Half Acre and got married. When they move out, someone else will sign the lease and continue the custom, making sure to preserve the Half Acre lineage. 

Last year we brought Freedom of '78 back from a 5 year absence. Originally brewed with Short's Brewing, this beer is outlandish and crushable, channeling the effect of Ween on the brain.  

The return of Freedom supplied a new tradition for the Half Acre house. In honor of the chill vibes emitted here, we gather as a company and squeeze onto the porch for a Half Acre Family Photo. Then we hang out, drink beers, and watch the dogs tear it up, because that's the whole point. 


  • release date: 7/1/16 
  • 22oz bomber: $8.99 
  • 64oz growler refill: $20
  • 32oz howler refill: $11
  • 16oz pour: $7