2018 Whole Enchilada



The Whole Enchilada, the presale option for Big Hugs and its variants, is back. On Wednesday, November 28th at 11am we will make a set amount of Big Hugs available online. For $190 (tax inclusive, ticket site fee NOT included) you can guarantee yourself:

  • 2 x 4 packs of Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout 

  • 2 x 4 packs of Vanilla Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout

  • 3 x 2 packs of Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout 

  • 1 x 14oz. specialty Big Hugs teku   

All packed up in a Half Acre Build CO custom split fountain screen printed box.

Link to ticket page here.

You will be invited to pick up your full allotment on release day (12/2) from our shop on Lincoln, between the hours of 11am-10pm. 

If you do not pick up your allotment on 12/2, you can get it from our shop on Lincoln 11am-10pm 12/4-12/9. Do not try to get them on Monday 12/3, we'll be closed.  

If you do not pick up your allotment by 3pm on December 9th you will forfeit it to the hungry beasts that make our science cheese. 

There will be no refunds and no exceptions. Please read all of the fine print on the ticket website before your purchase.  This is for pre-sale only, if you want a beanie, a tee shirt, or anything not included in the pre-sale, you may have to wait in a line at Balmoral on release day. While you can drink Big Hugs and its variants on draft, there will not be any additional packaged (to-go) Big Hugs (or variants, or merch) located at Lincoln on 12/2.

PROXIES ARE NOT PERMITTED. By PROXIES, we mean you cannot pay and have someone else pick up for you. You must personally pick up and show a valid ID at time of pick up to verify age & identity. 

We have a great time with you at the Big Hugs release, and being at Balmoral this year we hope it’s more comfortable and joyous than ever, but we realize that not everyone feels the same way. If you elect to acquire your lot via The Whole Enchilada, please consider dropping by anyway, for a sample of a one-off beer, or complimentary sweet treat.

Thank you,