We get many requests for support of all kinds.  Due to the volume of requests and the limited discretionary beer we have, we've chosen to only consider support in the following areas where we hope to have a larger impact:

  1. Organizations and events that benefit nature or aim to connect people with nature.
  2. Organizations and events that aim to better the lives of children.
  3. Organizations that support and promote music.

We don't support events with children in attendance and cannot donate beer to fundraisers or events of any kind that are held at bars, restaurants, or other venues that legally sell alcohol.

If your event or organization falls outside of those areas, then unfortunately we won't be able to support you at this time.

If your event fits within these areas, please fill out the form below and it will be considered, but in no way can we guarantee support.  Our resources are limited and we can only field so many requests. If you haven't heard from us and it's been 2 weeks since you submitted your request, then unfortunately can't support your endeavor at this time.

Good luck with your event.

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How many people will be in attendance, how many years this event has been held, etc
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We do not support events where children are in attendance.