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Valentine Dinner at Balmoral


Hang out at Balmoral on February 14th, whether you’re calling it a holiday or not.

Choose from our regular menu or a celebratory $45 prix fixe option with 5oz beer pairings.


Roasted Beet salad, basil marinated mozzarella, candied pistachio vinaigrette, champagne marinated Cara Cara orange


Silken potato vichyssoise, Meyer lemon, truffle, chervil, Olive oil


HABC duck and chicken liver pate, pickled shallots, smoked flake salt, baguette

Main Course

Root vegetable crustada, light smoked whipped parsnips, lemon-puffed quinoa salad, micro Thai basil


Hangar steak, bleu cheese- ancient grain bread pudding, malbec-carrot purée, pickled shallot, parsley


Roasted Amish chicken breast, with olive oil whipped ricotta, strawberry ‘pico de Gallo’, black garlic risotto


molten chocolate trifle, mostly cooked Valhrona chocolate cake, raspberry preserve, crumbled brandy snap cookies, lemon whip cream

A limited number of reservations are available.
Email to secure.

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1:00 PM13:00

Brewery Tour: Canning Line Edition


For the new year, we're changing the format of our brewery tours at Balmoral. Held once a month, still on Sundays and still at 1pm, most will focus on specific areas of our endeavor and we will sell tickets in advance, online and in our Balmoral taproom. January's tour will be held on the 20th and include a focused look at our new canning line, how it works and what it accomplishes for our brewery. Future tour topics include the spirit barrel aging program, off flavor training, sourcing raw materials, meeting our founders, and more.

Get tickets at the link or in person in our Balmoral taproom.

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to Jan 6

Ian's Party


Ian's Party is an annual music festival that preemptively celebrates the yearly accomplishments of Ian, spiritual leader, shit talker, and all around party dude. So come out! If you were having a party, Ian would go to it!

Featuring $4 pints of Half Acre beer at Subterranean and Chop Shop.

Get tickets HERE, band line up below:

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to Jan 1

NYE at Half Acre


Join us this New Year’s Eve at either taproom, two unique evenings, just choose your speed.


Party with us inside the brewery on Lincoln, from 8pm-1am, tickets include an all access taco bar and pours of Daisy Cutter, Tuna, GoneAway, Pony and Deep Space all night long, PLUS a special midnight toast.



Reserve a table in our taproom and it’s yours all night. Tickets include a 4 course prix fixe dinner, your first pint, and a midnight toast (additional beer pairing menu optional).


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to Dec 23

Supercollider - Emporium Pop Ups with Dark Matter Coffee and Friends!

Join us for Week 3 - of the Dark Matter and Friends “Supercollider” Experience at Emporium Pop Ups!

Born on the dark side of the spoon. A cluster of creativity, community, and collaboration. Fueled from a decade of frienergy and incorporating a celebration of 10 years of Big Hugs, the transmission of Dark Matter is an evolution of our relationships in Chicago and around the world.

Look for exclusive Supercollider merchandise and MULTIPLE variations of Big Hugs on tap! Exclusives like Vanilla Cinnamon Big Hugs - the ONLY keg to leave the brewery ever!

Week 3 Details to come - but MAKE SURE you come by 12/19 6-9pm for Half Acre Poppin’ Off at the Pop Up! We’ll have our famous slow roasted Porchetta and Noodle dish available for $10/serving while supplies last, bands from Half Acre/Dark Matter, AND BA Pistachio Big Hugs! (The only keg to leave the brewery!!)

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to Dec 9

EMPORIUM POP UPS PRESENT: Supercollider Event Series - Dark Matter and Friends

Supercollider DETAILsssss week 1.jpg

Week 1 of Dark Matter taking over Emporium Pop Ups for the holidaze. Stop by for space-tacular events from DMC & the Half Acre crew along with specialty tappings of collaborative brews. Also, keep an eye out for exclusive Big Hugs merchandise sold only at the pop up!

Featuring variants of Big Hugs tapped throughout the duration of the pop up!

Pop Up Runs 12/7 - 12/23 - Closed Mondays & Tuesdays!

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11:00 AM11:00

Big Hugs Release

Big Hugs-2018-label-web-01.jpg

This year marks 10 years of Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout.

Every year we’ve brewed this beer looking to strike the cushy spot between strong and comfortable, an Imperial Drinking Stout, built for true

The label provides a journey through all the friends and foes our fair kitten has met through the years, do you recognize them all? We look forward to celebrating with all of those who have traversed this trail with us.


  • we’re hosting Big Hugs at our Balmoral brewery.
    It’s a big day, and we have a big space, so come fill it up.

  • we canned the variants
    Vanilla in 4packs, Bourbon Barrel Aged in 2 packs, more info below.

There will be merch for your outsides, food and drink for your insides, Dark Matter Coffee, good feels and snacks. We look forward to this event every year, and hope you feel the same.

A note for Sunday:

Because we’re hosting this release at Balmoral, you will be able to hang inside. We plan on opening the garage door around 7am, so there hopefully won’t be too much outdoor line waiting. We do recommend you dress for the weather anyway.

We will be handing out numbered tickets equivalent to the number of full allotments available (specific number to come). If you have a numbered ticket that means you will be able to buy a full allotment. It does not mean you have to. If you are not in line when we hand out tickets, you will not receive one. Orders will be taken in numerical order. If you're not present when your ticket number comes up, you forfeit the right to your number. Do not get out of line because you got a ticket. If you show up ticketless in between two ticketed people, we will send you to the end of the line. Once we've received the last corresponding ticket number we will open up remaining full allotments to the rest of the line. Policing cutters is not our profession so please follow the rules and lets make this fun for everybody.


  • release day: 12/02/17 at 11am

  • location: Balmoral Avenue brewery, 2050 W. Balmoral


    • 4pk 16oz cans: $19.99

    • limit 3 per person

    • no growler / howlers 

    • 10oz pour $6

       This year we chose a single coffee variety - Santa Petrona, bourbon, washed. It's from El Salvador. Dark Matter extracted it multiple ways - espresso shots (a coordinated effort across all of their locations to simultaneously pull enough shots at each location to fill a 1/6 bbl with espresso), french press, pour-over, and more. The coffee is brewed at super concentrated levels so the beer dilution is minimal upon its addition. We added the liquid at a total volume of 3% by volume of beer. Then, for the first time, we infused the beer on whole roasted beans of the same variety in our infuser.

      All in, this batch of Big Hugs is a bully reborn. 10% ABV and easy, balanced drinking ~ it's the imperial stout your pint glass fights for, with notes of dark fruit, smooth roast, and cocoa.


    • 4pk 16oz cans: $21.99

    • limit 3 per person

    • no growler / howlers 

    • 10oz pour $6

      Vanilla Big Hugs is brewed for those with the sweet lean. The same base beer as original Big Hugs, the liquid coffee added was brewed in the style of Dark Matter's "Vanilla Suburbs" iced coffee, which has vanilla and cocoa added with the coffee grounds when it is extracted. We then conditioned the beer on madagascar vanilla beans. The woody-sweet of vanilla presents itself upon the cracking of the can, while the drinking experience is well integrated and smooth.


    • 2pk 16oz cans: $19.99

    • limit 3 per person

    • no growler / howlers 

    • 10oz pour $11

      Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Hugs, is in our opinion, in its finest form here in year three. The Big Hugs base recipe is tweaked to stand up to its time in wood, richer overall, with bigger mouthfeel and body, it's Hugs at its core and something altogether different at the same time. Aged 9 months in freshly emptied Willett bourbon barrels, we then added liquid coffee and infused the beer with whole bean coffee. For the liquid coffee Dark Matter conditioned green coffee beans in barrel-aged Hugs after it came out of the barrels. Then they roasted the coffee and extracted it into liquid that we added BACK into the beer. Cyclical ouroboros extraction theory.

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7:30 PM19:30

THE RETURN: Shit For Brains Trivia at Reeds Local

shit for brains.jpg

Come join us for a special edition of Shit For Brains trivia at Reeds! It's going to be just like old times. We'll have prizes from Half Acre Beer Company & Harebrained! You can win a copy of Shit for Brains. You might get to see Matt do his silly cowboy dance. Oh wow.

Same old format. 3 rounds of trivia
- Round 1: Current Events
- Round 2: Music & Picture
- Round 3: Classic Shit for Brains trivia

Rules: No phones, 6 people per team, tip your bar staff, no kids, don't try to take the microphone out of the host's hands & scream "baba booey" , and please, god damn it, have some fun.

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7:00 PM19:00

ON THE FLOOR at the Metro Featuring: Leftover Crack

leftover crack.png

Metro & Half Acre Present: On The Floor featuring


$17 Advance & $20 Day Of / 18 & Over / Doors:  7:00pm / Show: 8:00pm

Half Acre Beer Specials All Night!

Leftover Crack

Negative Approach

Crazy and the Brains

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11:00 AM11:00

Benthic 2018

Image from iOS.jpg

2018 Benthic Has Arrived

and it has brought with it two bottled variants: Double Dose & Double Barrel.

Join us at our Lincoln Avenue brewery at 11am on Friday, November 16th for the beers’ release and stick around for fun ridden hangs in the brewery.

2018 Benthic Imperial Stout with Coconut and Coffee

  • a big, brash, chocolate and cherry cola pumping base beer, aged 9 months in Heaven Hill, Old Forester and Woodford Reserve barrels, blended and infused with whole bean Dark Matter coffee and toasted coconut

  • $24.99/22oz bottle (pretax), 12.8% ABV

  • 135 cases available

  • release day limit: 3 per person

2018 Double Dose Benthic Imperial Stout with 2x Coconut and Coffee

  • our same hefty base beer, aged 9 months in Heaven Hill, Old Forester and Woodford Reserve barrels, blended and infused with twice the amount of whole bean Dark Matter coffee and twice the amount of toasted coconut, plus a balancing addition of ground vanilla bean

  • $29.99/22oz bottle (pretax), 12.8% ABV

  • 46 cases available

  • release day limit: 2 per person

2018 Double Barrel Benthic Imperial Stout

  • the same, formidable base beer, aged 6 months in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels, followed by 7 months in apple brandy barrels, and then infused with toasted coconut and cinnamon.

  • $29.99/22oz bottle (pretax), 14.4% ABV

  • 30 cases available

  • release day limit: 1 per person

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5:00 PM17:00

Mixed Cultures: A Night of Wood Aged Wild Ales & Artisan Cheese


Join us Saturday, November 10th at 5:00PM at The Beer Temple for a special night of pairing Half Acre and Off Color wood aged and fermented beers with wonderful artisan cheeses from Pastoral. 

Barrel-Whisperers John Laffler of Off Color and Lee McComb of Half Acre will be on hand to take you through a guided tasting of the most time-intensive beers made by each brewery - some having never been served at an outside event before now. 

Space is limited and tickets are required for this event. 

Source and tickets available here.

Half Acre:

  • Raukar: Brewed in February of 2017 with Pilsner, Vienna, and wheat malt, Raukar began its fermentation in stainless with a Belgian yeast before spending 16 months in neutral wine barrels. An exploration of the interplay between brettanoymyces and hop profiles over extended periods of time ~ the final beer is a keynote example of the tropical expression in brett. Fluffy mouthfeel with mild acid, canned pineapple, honey and tangerine.

  • Passing Lands: Fermented with our house mixed culture and aged eight weeks in French Oak, Passing Lands carries aromas of lemon and stone fruit, with Alphonso mango, white pepper and light grass. Medium in body, a mild brett presence and soft acidity carve a laid back, level finish.

  • Haunting Pattern: Haunting Pattern is a blend of three barrels: an 18 month, amber colored mixed culture beer brewed with aged hops , a 20 month barrel fermented saison, and a 16 month barrel aged Belgian Blonde. The result is a medium bodied, lower acid beer that weighs orange peel and papaya against pumpkin pie and hay. Complex, balanced and fit for autumn.

Off Color:

  • Predator Noir: A blend of Foedre aged wild ale and fresh saison refermented with blackberries and jasmine. A rush of blackberry seeds, peach nectar and tangerines finishes with lingering traces of soft oak, inky merlot and jasmine flowers.

  • Cygnet: A foedre aged wild ale with koji brewed in collaboration with Jester King. Expect a pleasant intertwining of our two breweries’ mixed cultures showcasing the nectarine/stone fruit ester profile of our wild yeasts alongside the more lime forward, mineral character of Jester King house culture. White grapes, papaya, and guava overlay a spritzy acidity with elegant oak structure from a 13 month rest in our Barolo foedre and a subtle perfume from the koji inoculated sake rice.

  • Staveyard: A blend of batch lactobacillus soured, malty young ale and biere de garde aged in neutral oak barrels for 50 weeks, you can expect multiple complex layers to integrate malty sweetness, rounded acidity, sweet honey oxidation, and wood tannins with a light mahogany hue.

Off Color beer descriptions taken from

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