Keg Club

Welcome to The Half Acre Keg Club page.  In here you'll find what specialty kegs are currently available as well as what's coming soon.  These kegs are available to members only. Quantities are limited so call and reserve today.

Although enrollment is currently closed, you can sign up for the waiting list below and we will extend an invitation to you personally before taking it public again. 


If your keg isn't picked up within 2 weeks of reservation, we reserve the right to tap in house or sell to another candidate. We are willing to make accommodations but only after an invoice is paid will a keg be yours after the 2 week point. Beer is best consumed fresh!

Please call for current availability. 773-248-4038


* Initial membership is $150 plus tax. 
**Renewal fee of $100 charged on 1st day of new membership term. 

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