It's the Hunt and it's January, which means everyone is eligible to play again. Whoever solves this riddle and finds the hidden token first will win a 5 gallon keg + party cups on us. The keg will vary based on availability. It's cold, get some friends over and warm up. 

Built long ago to cure by breeze, 
between lost birds and the freeze,
A red element painted on white,
summer theater, tonight! 


EDIT - 01/25 

Sonny solved this first Hunt of the New Year. He looked into the history of the old building on Lakeshore and Fullerton and it fit so he went out. After searching around in the cold with no luck, he turned around and went home to warm up. Then, he went back! About to give up a second time, he turned his flashlight out onto the water and noticed a large white rock. Sure enough, the word 'element' was spray painted in red and the token was hidden beneath it. Nice job, Sonny. Your spirit earned it. 

The next round is going to be a bit different, stay tuned. 



  • you must be 21 years or older to play

  • we will not require you to demolish, ruin, explode, damage, or trespass on anything

  • if it seems as though your clue is urging you to enter a business, we've already alerted that business as to what is going on and they're on board

  • the token can fit in the palm of your hand

  • you may only solve the Hunt and get the prize once per calendar year (excluding exceptions made by us)