Out Now

These small batch beers are currently available and out in the world.


  • Den Kölsch - Laid back levels of Saaz in the kettle, a 62° ferment and extended tank time create a no frills/all fun buffet opportunity.
  • Beachweed Coconut Pale Ale - Big golden glow and aromatic intensity. Motueka and El Dorado meet flaked coconut in both the whirl pool and fermenter, for leisured lime zest and whipped coconut curls.
  • Preen Double IPA - We fermented this beer with a different yeast strain, known for its fruit forward ester output. Alongside toasted rice in the mash and dramatic additions of Mosaic, Ekuanot, and Idaho 7 throughout its time in stainless, the finished beer is a well rounded, boldly tropical slice.
  • Smoking Gull Pale Ale - Brewed with Pilsner, Vienna, and flaked oats. We rode it hard with Citra and Mosaic and touched on a bunch of mod slants on packing hop luster. 5.3% ABV the Gull displays intense tropical fruit, berry salad, and a touch of pine.
  • Weightless Lager - Pils and Vienna base beer with acidulated malt to soften the water profile. Hopped with whole leaf greens in the whirlpool and fermented with a Danish lager yeast.
  • DexWax Hefeweizen - Clove, green banana, light bubblegum. The ultimate sun crusher.
  • Cantina Band IPA - Very balanced with notes of grass, caramel, and pine. 

Small batch refers to beer we've brewed only a small quantity of. They are often experimental and are sometimes never brewed again.