Out Now

These small batch beers are currently available and out in the world.

  • Moonset IPA - Features a backbone of 2017 crop year Amarillo with layered in Centennial and Citra both on the hot side and dry hop, then dry hopped again post crash with Citra pellets and Citra lupulin powder.  The cold Citra dry hop brings huge cantaloupe and honey dew melon aromas to the forefront, mingling with the unique dank fruit character of Amarillo.
  • Den Kölsch - Laid back levels of Saaz in the kettle, a 62° ferment and extended tank time create a no frills/all fun buffet opportunity.
  • Tasty Waves Pale Ale - Summer session pale that glides your days soaked in sunshine
  • Beachweed Coconut Pale Ale - Big golden glow and aromatic intensity. Motueka and El Dorado meet flaked coconut in both the whirl pool and fermenter, for leisured lime zest and whipped coconut curls.
  • Know Place Hop Forward Lager -  7% ABV, built on Pilsner malt, with dry hop additions of Comet and Simcoe on both sides of the cold crash. Lemon, spruce grove, and sugar beets atop fluffy yellow cake.
  • Taco Day Pale Ale - A simple malt bill to showcase a single hop profile.  Available in two varietals featuring either Ariana or Callista hops. 

Small batch refers to beer we've brewed only a small quantity of. They are often experimental and are sometimes never brewed again.