Packaging Job Opening


Half Acre Beer Company runs one packaging shift, Monday-Friday, and is on the lookout for stellar individuals to join us full-time. To work in packaging you need to be a motivated, hard-working person with a killer attitude. 


Packaging is a crucial step in the beer making process. A properly packaged can or keg means that people will enjoy our beer the way we intended. You will be working on our canning and kegging lines at our Balmoral brewery. It is a very physical job involving lots of lifting, carrying, stacking, and movement of 25lb can cases, 60 and 160lb kegs, and fully loaded pallets of cans and kegs. It is always wet, often hot and sweaty work. Packaging is also a team sport, so you must be able to play well with others.

The Ideal Candidate Will:

  • First, have a constant commitment to safety and quality

  • Be a conscientious person, keeping in mind the needs of others as well as your own

  • Be able to lift 60 pounds

  • Get a real kick out of keeping things clean

  • Be detail oriented and thorough in all you do

  • Be able to handle slow repetitive tasks as well as physically intense, fast-paced work

  • Past packaging or manufacturing work preferred but not necessary.

This Position Involves:

  • Working and operating the canning line

  • Working and operating the keg washers

  • Making boxes and unloading finished cans

  • Maneuvering pallets of both full and empty cans, kegs, boxes, 4-packs, etc.

  • Cleaning and filling kegs

  • Cleaning and sanitizing packaging equipment

  • Keeping the packaging areas clean and safe

Benefits and Compensation:

  • Competitive hourly wage with increases based on performance and cost of living

  • Retirement plan available

  • Employee discounts on beer, food, and merch.

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance is available to Full-Time employees

Half Acre is a growing company with a great culture and great vibes. Everyone at Half Acre looks out for each other and wants the best for each other. To apply for this position, please fill out the application here.