Second Setting


Second Setting Double India Pale Ale. Oh boy, this one strikes -- flashback to very early Vallejo with a much deeper representation of Nelson and intended intensity. The Nelson Sauvin hop varietal continues to be a favorite at our brewery. The white grape and spectrum fruit notes cast a very different and appreciated experience. Much like Marlborough grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes, you’re hit with fun-house flavors that are tough to not enjoy.

Second Setting lays into that house and opens up all that Nelson has to offer when they’re fresh off the boat from New Zealand.I was calling the dude on the can wearing a wolf’s head, Rob. A later-in-life northern transplant to Tuscon where he discovered the alternate side of consciousness. It’s not too late to completely bend your reality, if you’re looking for it. Enjoy, Second Setting.

Release - 10/11/19