Shipping/Receiving Job Opening


Shipping/Receiving is crucial in the daily operation of the brewery. The Shipping/Receiving department is the gatekeeper, the first and last line of defense for everything entering and leaving Half Acre.

Everything they do touches every part of the company.

Anyone who applies must have a killer attitude and a deep love of organization, accuracy, forklifts, and fresh beer.

About the Position:

This position reports to our Shipping/Receiving manager. It is a very physical job, involving lots of lifting, carrying, stacking, and movement of 25lb can cases, 60 and 160lb kegs, and pallets of all sizes. This position is at our Balmoral production brewery. You will also be the point person in dealing with truck drivers, helping them safely navigate our buildings and loading areas, and making sure they have a limited impact on our neighbors and local traffic. It is not an easy or a simple job. Shipping and Receiving takes a lot of consideration and thought.

The Ideal Candidate Will:

  • First, have a constant commitment to safety and quality.

  • Be a conscientious person, keeping in mind the needs of others as well as your own.

  • Be detail oriented and thorough in all you do.

  • Have an unbeatably positive attitude, and a strong dedication to customer service: we are always seeking to do right by our customers, distributors, and neighbors.

  • Love accuracy; confirming daily that assumed inventories and actual inventories match up, and be willing to go to the ends of the earth to account for every missing case or keg of beer.

  • Have a deep-felt love of organizing and finding the most efficient way to do things.

  • Be able and willing to work by yourself or with others, and get satisfaction from knowing that what you are doing is helping others do their jobs.

  • Always think 3 steps ahead: How will every decision you make today, affect you and others tomorrow?

  • Have Forklift experience! Warehouse and shipping/receiving experience is not required, but would be helpful.

  • Love craft beer.

This Position Involves:

  • Becoming one with our forklift.

  • Daily loading and unloading of trucks, paying exacting attention to the accuracy of all shipments in and out.

  • Packing orders for distributors.

  • Maintaining inventory counts and accounting for discrepancies.

  • Working closely with the Brewing, Packaging, and Sales crews to ensure everyone’s needs are coordinated for smooth operation.

  • Daily organization of a multitude of things around the brewery from grain, to kegs, to cans.

  • Generally being part of the grease that keeps Half Acre rolling.

  • Reliable 40 hour work weeks, Monday-Friday.


  • Competitive hourly wage with increases based on performance and cost of living.

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance.

  • Retirement plan available with company match.

  • Paid vacation and sick time.

  • Employee discounts on food and merch and lots of free beer.


Half Acre is a growing company with a great culture and great vibes. Everyone at Half Acre looks out for each other and wants the best for each other.

To apply for this position, please fill out the application here.