Shop Job Opening



We’re looking for exceptional folks who want to be a part of Half Acre Shop Life. As the face of our business, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance your beer knowledge, meet some incredible people, and be a part of something killer. This is an hourly position as a retail specialist that would require flexibility to work part time/weekends to start. If the following characteristics describe your personality and work interests, fill out the application form below.


  • Has previous experience in the craft beer industry and in a specialty retail setting
  • Is able to work on weekends.
  • Thoroughly enjoys making people happy.
  • Is fun to work with and is committed to having fun while taking customer service seriously.
  • Has demonstrated a passion for being a customer advocate.
  • Has outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Has demonstrated acute emotional intelligence.
  • Has the ability to relate to people from all walks of life.
  • Possesses great curiosity and analytical skills.
  • Has demonstrated great communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Possesses great self-awareness and an ability to quickly read situations.
  • Is a self starter and has a propensity for problem solving.
  • Pays attention to details.
  • Understands the importance of detail orientation in achieving our mission to deliver outstanding hospitality as well as the financial health of the entire company.
  • Understands the value of systems and enjoys being empowered and held accountable.
  • Believes in genuinely, accurately, enthusiastically and politely delivering exceptional service at every opportunity.
  • Thrives in finding opportunities to deliver random acts of kindness to our customers and our peers.
  • Inspires co-workers to work effectively as a team.
  • Places great importance on always continuing their beer education. 


  • Acquires and maintains intimate knowledge of all beers and merchandise.
  • Maintains and promotes a clean and safe working environment.
  • Reports to work on time and with ample physical and mental energy to genuinely and enthusiastically interpret Half Acre hospitality systems.
  • Is able to complete shop opening and closing procedures.
  • Promptly greets and warmly welcomes our guests while also clearly communicating what they can expect from their experience with us.
  • Is able to communicate as much or as little information as the customer desires in order to completely satisfy the customer's expectations.
  • Always finds a way to do the right thing for the customer by taking initiative and or enlisting the help of peers or managers.
  • Maintains positive and energizing relationships with FOH and BOH staff and finds ways to help where help is needed.
  • Always represents Half Acre in a positive way and avoids situations and behaviors that are not reflective of Half Acre’s culture - whether in the work place or out in the world.
  • Promptly greets and warmly welcomes our guests and checks IDs.
  • Acquires and maintains intimate knowledge of all our beers and merchandise options.
  • Able to operate the Point of Sale system quickly and accurately.
  • Comfortable with lifting, bending, reaching, and keyboard work.


  • Competitive hourly wage with increases based on performance & cost of living.
  • Gratuity, split evenly among retail staff members.
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance 
  • Simple IRA with Company Match 
  • Employee discounts on beer, food and merchandise.
  • All the beer you can handle!
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