Up Up / Down Down

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In collaboration with our friends from The Veil Brewing we dug into the idea of landscape.

up / up down / down is a mixed four-pack that has two cans of up / up and two cans of down / down. up / up is a Double India Pale Ale brewed with copious amounts of vanilla, lactose and marshmallow. 8.7% ABV
down / down is an Imperial Milk Stout brewed with copious amounts vanilla, lactose and marshmallow. 13% ABV

There are four labels across the two beers in each four pack. If you align them, you’ll find the heights and depths of the landscape. We’re all inside that landscape. These beers are impactful. Each drinking from opposite end of the spectrum with a thick section of overlap.

Release - 8/9/19 - $24.99/4pk of 16oz cans.

Only available in our shop and Balmoral taproom. A very small run of posters will be available, only at the shop on Lincoln.